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The Reason Why...

My name is Robin Spataro. ​​I recently retired, found the home of my dreams, and realized that I only had one thing left to figure out: it was to decide what to do with my ashes when I pass away.

I came up with the idea that I would like to encase a portion of my ashes in Resin Angel Wings so that I can place them in my children's gardens. I realized that if I had thought of this, others must have thought of something unique to do with their or their loved ones ashes.

People like to keep their loved ones close to them and this, I thought, was a wonderful addition to simply burying or scattering all of the ashes. This way, a piece of me would be with my children always.

Together Forever was born!

We take pride in the workmanship in encasing the ashes and returning the product to you safely and securely. 

Our options are a left wing, a right wing, both wings or our signature piece, heart shaped  wings.   If you choose the heart shaped wings, we are able to provide you with a personal plaque for your loved one. Our newest addition to our product line is our beautiful keychains.  We also incorporate the ashes into the keychains. 

Our Mission!

Creating long-lasting alternative methods to hold our most precious family members near and dear to our hearts forever.

We strive to grow our business with compassion and kindness for our clients during this very difficult time.

This is a family run business - with that being said - our passion for our loved ones drives us to provide optimal, sincere, and loving customer service to our family, friends and neighbours.​

Meet our




I worked for an insurance company for 30 years as a service representative. I dedicated my work life to making sure customers were satisfied with the purchase of our products. Through my customer service career, I learned to effectively communicate with clients and become a compassionate individual which gives us the edge we need to sell our products and create work relationships through networking.
Joe & Christopher Spataro


Production Management
Joe, my husband, who is co-owner and my son Christopher have years of technical skills and can construct our products quickly and efficiently. They are excellent at creating new ways to cut costs regarding design and production time.


Customer Service Specialist
My daughter in law, Samantha, attended business school. The knowledge she gained has helped shape Together Forever. She has worked in sales and customer service positions. These positions have equipped her with effective interpersonal skills. She also has worked in the healthcare industry for 10 years. Being in this field has given her the foundations to be a compassionate sales representative which is important for this category of business.


Product Design
My daughter in-law Candice is truly an artist. She has helped Together Forever come up with our beautiful product designs. She owns her own costume design company that has given her the inspiration to design our products.
Adam Spataro


Sales Representative
My son Adam is a fun loving charismatic individual. His outgoing personality attracts potential clients to learn more about our mission and reason “why”. He attends all trade shows and is another valuable member to Together Forever's team.

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